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Written by Joe Rieger   
Wednesday, 12 November 2008 23:52

How to Install/Remove a Front Block and It's Components

You decide you want one of those cool adjustable low pressure regulators so your 'cocker can look cool and you can lower the pressure a little bit to save on air.  You go and buy it, but now you can't figure out what to do.  No problem.  Changing the parts on the front block and the block itself is quite simple.  It just takes a bit of elbow grease.


The first step in removing parts from the front block is to gather necessary materials. You will need a 1/16th allen wrench,
a wrench for your low pressure regulator and ram (it'll be either a 7/16, 1/2, or 9/16 depending on which lpr and ram you have), a 3/16 allen wrench for the front block screw (Banjo Bolt), needle nose pliers, and maybe a vice. You will also want to detatch all low pressure hoses from the three way and going to the ram and regulator. To do this, take a pair of needle nose pliers, and with light pressure, pry up the collars from underneath them. They should slide right over the hose. Do not try to grip them and pull up, as they will kink and you'll need a new hose/collar kit. Once the collars are
removed just pull the hoses off, using your needle nose pliers when needed.          

Ram: To remove the ram, first remove the cocking rod, bolt, beavertail, and back block. Now take the appropriate sized wrench, hold down the front block (not by the grip frame) and turn he ram counter-clockwise. The ram, unlike the regulator, wasn't loctited that well, but be careful and consider you may need a little elbow grease. Once it's loose, simply unscrew the ram and pull the rod right through the hole in the block. Remove the pump arm from the ram's collar by vicing and unscrewing the rods. (Only unscrew the pump arm if you intend to replace the ram; otherwise leave it on). The pump arm is heavily loctited, so make sure to put a cloth over the parts that you are putting into vices and grabbing the ram shaft at.

Regulator: To remove the regulator, use the wrench that fits your lpr, and with a good grip on the gun or with it in the vice, rotate counter-clockwise. You will need some elbow grease as this is also loctited with enough loctite to do an entire normal gun. Once loose, unscrew right out of the block.

Three Way: To remove the three way, first loosen the set screw closest to the three way.  This holds the three way shaft to the coupler, and with this set screw remoed you can pull the shaft out with the three way body.  Now, simply rotate the three way body counterclockwise.  There should be no loctite on this part.  It comes right out.

Front block bolt(banjo bolt): To remove this bolt, just insert a 3/16 allen wrench and rotate counterclockwise.  You will notice 2 orings on this bolt.  Don't lose these, as they seal air inside the gun.  You also won't need to loctite this bolt for that reason.


Reinstallation is quite simple.  First, put the bolt through the front block and screw it into the 'cocker body.  Thighten this down, and you're good to go there.

Next, make sure the three way shaft is in the three way body, then screw the three way onto the front block body.  Tighten the set screw down into the coupler after you insert the three way shaft into the coupler.  To tighten the three way properly, screw it all the way into the front block, then back it out one turn.

To reinstall the regulator, first clean off the old loctite, and if you want put on a drop or two of blue loctite, not red. Blue loctite is removable without heat, and is obviously much easier in the future. Now, simply screw the regulator into the block with your hand. Hand tighten it, and then if you need to use the appropriate wrench to turn it to the proper position, with nipple pointing up and toward the three way.

To reinstall the ram, clean off the old loctite and again put on a few drops of blue loctite.  Then screw on the ram all the way to the block, and back it out one turn also.

Now, all you have to do is reinstall all the hoses. Push the end of the hose all the way down over the nipple, then slide the collar over the nipple, pushing it all the way down with the needle nose pliers. In case you forgot where the hoses attach to the three way, if you have either a hinge frame and a 3 o-ring 3-way or a sliding frame and a 2 o-ring 3-way, the nipple closest to the body goes to the end of the ram farthest away from the body, the middle nipple goes to the regulator, and the nipple farthest from the body goes to the end of the ram closest to the body. If you have a hinge frame and a 2 o-ring 3-way or a slider frame and a 3 o-ring 3-way, the nipple closest to the body goes to the end of the ram closest to the body, the middle nipple goes tot he regulator, and the nipple farthest from the body goes to the end of the ram farthest away from the body.

That's it!  You've just removed and installed the entire front block and it's pneumatics.  Just remember to put your back block, cocking rod, bolt, and beavertail back on.
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