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Written by Joe Rieger   
Thursday, 13 November 2008 03:59

This is a little video I made showing you how to time an Autococker. It's about 9 minutes long, with 7 minutes of actual explination. Hopefully you'll all find it very helpful, especially if you're new to Autocockers.
The video itself is in .wmv format (windows media), and is about14 megs big. So, dialup users beware.  Now, for the legal mumbo-jumbo. This video is copyright 2004 Joe Rieger. This video may not be redistributed or hosted without my permission. You are free to download and use to your liking otherwise. If you'd like to host the video, just shoot me an e-mail. Generally I have no problem doing so, but hey. As of now the sites officially allowed
to host are here:

Timing Video (local)

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