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Written by Joe Rieger   
Thursday, 13 November 2008 00:02

How to Sweetspot your regulator for maximum efficiency

You're all happy because you've got your $1k+ autococker and your fancy nitrogen tank, but you're only getting 500 shots per fill off of an 88ci/4500 psi tank.  Whats wrong?  Horrible gas efficiency.  This should help you set up your regulator to use the most efficient amount of gas to fire and use the gun.

First thing that you will need to do is get access to a chronograph. Without one, sweetspotting is pointless and nearly impossible. The easiest thing to do would be go to your local field on an open play day and sit out a game to sweet spot. Or buy a Radarchron for $100 if you play a lot of backyard games. Anyhow, begin by filling your gas up all the way, filling your hopper, and lower your velocity adjuster (behind the cocking rod in the gun) to almost all the way out, maybe a little more toward the middle of that area. Next, keep lowering the pressure on your regulator until the gun stops cycling and firing reliably. You should be firing in the low 100's fps or a little over. Now, and this is where patience comes in, slowly begin to increase the pressure in your regulator. On the stock inline WGP, you increase the pressure by backing out the screw, or turning it counterclockwise. Shoot three shots over the chrono, and remember the speeds. Now, increase the pressure again. Keep doing this until the velocity of the paintballs won't go any higher. This is the
sweetspot of your reg, where it will use gas most efficiently.

You should end up in the high 200's range.  Once your regulator is at it's sweet spot, use the velocity adjuster in the gun to get your gun firing at field limits.  You will now have the best gas efficiency and hopefully a slightly more constant shot.

To sweetspot your pneumatic regulator for optimum efficiency, the task is a bit simpler.  Turn the reg down so that the ram barely moves.  Now, pull the trigger (preferrably have no paintballs in your gun) and slowly turn up the pressure on your regulator.  Look down the feed tube and keep increasing the pressure until the bolt completely clears the breach, ie the tip of the bolt is not obstructing the feed tube.  Increase the pressure just a bit more (1/8 to 1/4 turn for those of you with externally adjustable regs) and you're done.  You're using just enough gas to cycle but enough to make sure that your gun always fully cycles.
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