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Written by Joe Rieger   
Thursday, 13 November 2008 00:15

So here's the deal. In order to keep this site up and running, I'm going to offer tech work. Now, here's my thing. If I try to fix something and can't, no charge. Simple as that.  If you live in the continental US and would like work done, get a hold of me via the contact page for a shipping address and a time quote. Turnaround should be pretty quick, as in it should go out the day after I get it. If you're interested in this, send me an e-mail via  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it t, and we'll set something up. As a warning, I am not a certified tech. But I do know what I'm doing.

What I can work on:
Markers that I can and will readily service are Autocockers and any standard blowback gun (Tippmanns, Spyder's, Piranha's, Rebels, etc.). I will also be able to service markers from the Dye DM series, any Planet Eclipse marker, or any poppet-valve based electronic marker.

Here's what I'm looking at for a price list.

Basic tuneup/Yearly Checkup- Including complete teardown, cleaning, and relubing of your gun, as well as retiming your gun: - $45
eBlade or other part installation - $40 (Note, that doesn't include drilling a hole for the eye.)
Timing/Sweetspotting/other basic services - $35


If you want more than one of the above, just add the prices together, i.e. a basic tuneup and eBlade installation would cost $70 (subtract $15 for shipping for each item beyond the first). If you have anything else that you'd like done, e-mail me, but pricing starts at $35.



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